Steel Siding

Good looks alone haven’t made abc Seamless Steel Siding the world leader in its field…but they certainly help. The high-fashion color collection brings the best of contemporary design to your own home. But, that’s just the beginning, abc Seamless’s revolutionary siding panels are manufactured to order right at your location, each custom-designed of 28-guage steel to exclusively fit your home’s dimensions. No gaping seams or splices will ever mar the smooth panels along its walls. No peeling paint or rotting wood will ever reveal its age. Available in two different color pallets and a variety of profiles.

siding colorsThink elegance. Think flawless. The siding you have chosen won’t fade or blister, crack or peel, maintaining its beauty year after year. When you select your designer color, you can count on it remaining true. abc Seamless Siding is the only siding company that has never discontinued a color…so if you wish to match siding panels with trim elements like soffit, fascia, gutters, window and door trim now or later, you will be able to match or compliment the shade you’ve chosen today.

Our Duck Matte Color Collection increases your home’s beauty with its exceptional curb appeal. Our Cool Chemistry coating is formulated to reflect harmful infrared rays that cause fading and dulling. An underlayment of insulation keeps you warm in the winter while the coating reflects the sun’s rays in summer to keep you cool. It’s so efficient that it has earned the Energy Star Seal of Approval.

kansas city siding contractorsPremium materials are at the heart of abc Seamless Steel Siding. Starting with the heavy-weight 28 guage steel as the core, the raw material is sandwiched inside eight layers of exhaustively tested coating.

On your site, highly trained installers form each custom panel from continuous coils, cutting every piece of siding to your homes exact dimensions. No ugly splices, no wasted material. Just Seamless Perfection!

You can be confident that you’re making the right choice with abc Seamless Steel Siding. The recognized industry leader, abc Seamless Steel Siding is backed with a lifetime limited Warranty and that’s a reputation you can count on.